Pharmacists' hands

Rethink your local pharmacy- we shall soon be offering a range of enhanced clinical treatments without the need to visit your GP, delayed by covid but we will be rolling this out from November!

Our pharmacists have undergone enhanced training and as such we shall be providing 9 health clinics, these will be available as drop in clinics with appointments bookable on our forth coming app!

The clinics

Healthy living

Men's health

Minor ailments

Seasonal health

Sexual health


Travel health


Women's health

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Our Clinics

Your Wellbeing Matters

From travel jabs to common health treatments, you’ll be amazed by the range of clinical services provided by your local pharmacy.

  • Acne- Topical gel treatments

  • Alcohol reduction - Once daily oral treatment

  • Coronavirus- In-pharmacy test kit for Coronavirus

  • Erectile dysfunction- Multiple oral treatments

  • Flu- Vaccinations

  • Healthy living- Alcohol reduction, smoking cessation, weight loss…

  • Hepatitis B- Vaccinations

  • Measles- Vaccinations

  • Men's health- Erectile dysfunction, weight loss, hair loss...

  • Meningitis ACWY

  • Vaccinations for Hajj/Umrah pilgrims and students- Meningitis B

  • Vaccinations for students

  • Migraine- Multiple oral treatments or injection

  • Minor ailments- Acid reflux, back pain, nausea & sickness, ear infection, throat infection

  • Pneumococcal- Vaccinations

  • Seasonal health- Hay fever, strep A, flu antiviral treatment…

  • Sexual health- Morning after pill, STIs, HIV testing…

  • Skincare- Dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infection…

  • Smoking cessation- Multiple oral treatments

  • Sore throat- Throat swab test and oral treatment

  • Travel health- malaria tablets, advice and travel essentials

  • Vaccinations- Chicken pox, HPV, shingles, hep B…

  • Weight loss- Multiple oral treatments or injection

  • Women's health- Contraception, period delay, urinary tract infection...