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What Happens Next

Procedure on the day

Attend Conon  Bridge pharmacy at appointment time (remember we do NOT test at Strathspey or Fort Augustus pharmacies!)  

Do not attend if you have a fever, sore throat or cough, we cannot take the sample.  

Please wear a mask

Check personal details are correct  

You MUST bring your passport if travelling overseas or your test may not take place.

You MUST bring photo ID, such as a passport, if not travelling overseas. No test certificate can be issued without this.

Make payment 

demonstrate how test is performed  

Sample is taken  

Certificate is emailed by the agreed guaranteed time  

Remember, regulations and advice to your destination or covid-19 can change at any moment with little to no notice, please keep up to date with the latest information and guidance from your country of travel.


By accepting the appointment, you are agreeing to a 50% missed appointment fee. If you need to cancel please follow the link in your confirmation email Please give the pharmacy as much notice as possible. There is NO charge for cancelling an appointment as we fully understand that guidance and regulations change frequently with little to no notice and that flights can be cancelled however on most days we now have a waiting list so please help others have a test closer to home and let us know!

To reschedule or cancel appointments

To Reschedule or cancel please follow the link in your confirmation email.
If you need to change service, from say same day to 48hr, please email the pharmacy at

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