Please follow the link below to book an appointment at the Conon Bridge Pharmacy

Due to the large number of bookings being cancelled and changed we have had to install an automatic bookings system.

Please follow the link. 

Press the down arrow and select the service you need.

Please select the date and times you need for a test at the Conon Bridge Pharmacy. After you fill your details and complete the process you will receive an email with a link in order to change or cancel your booking.

Please note, testing cannot take place at Fort Augustus or Newtonmore as only Conon Bridge is licensed.

Xmas and New year:

We hope to have holiday bookings live by the 16th of October. After last years dates being speculatively blocked booked "just in case" these dates must be paid for in full in advance and will be non refundable.

Your test result will be in pdf format and sent by email. Please ensure you have an app or software that can read pdf's! We recommend adobe acrobat reader which can be downloaded for free for android, ios, mac and windows.

We have had 22 people in October all with the same problem and in each case it has been solved by simply having an appropriate app!